Videos and aerial photography on 360 by Drone by Drone

Drone by Drone performs 360 aerial videos and 360º aerial photography using drones, making the RPAS an indispensable tools for making such videos.

Due to the flexibility of the drones, Bilbao's drone operating company has been able to adapt as disparate models as the DJI Inspire 1 or DJI Mavic Pro to be able to incorporate cameras in 360º.

Specifically, the 360 ​​° camera with which Drone by Drone works is the versatile Samsung Gear 360, both in its 2016 version and with the new 2017.

Through this technique, spectacular results are achieved, allowing the viewer to be at the center of the action and to be able to focus on any part of the environment. The immersion is total if realized by glasses of virtual reality, type Samsung Gear VR, where the realism of the aerial video or the photograph become indescriptible.

In the following video, made some time ago you can see the 360 ​​effect flying over a drone.


We hope you enjoy it.

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