Deusto Drone Team, supported by Drone by Drone, wins at Smart Drone Challenge in Barcelona

Deusto Drone Team, the team of design and production of drones composed of a group of students of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto, who supports and sponsors Drone by Drone, has won with the triumph in the First Edition of the Smart Drone Challenge held in Barcelona on 9 July.

In the first edition of the Smart Drone Challenge, competition has given priority to the design and construction of a drone with possible applications in humanitarian aid or emergencies, serving as a research and development line for applications and functional tools that can be 100% operational.

The team at the University of Deusto in Bilbao has won the Smart Drone Challenge thanks to the design and manufacture of a reliable and effective drone or RPA, adapted to the challenge posed by the challenge, an autonomous coordinate flight and the launch of a Payload of 2kg weight on a 2x2m target activated by image recognition. All a technological prodigy manufactured with a low cost.

Drone by Drone supports the team of Deusto Drone Team, in terms of advice and economic sponsorship, so we are particularly proud that the group of students has won the first prize of the competition.


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