Final Phase of the Drones Pilot Training Course for Inguralde

The pupils of the drone driving classes or RPAS of the course offered by Inguralde are already in the final phase of the same performing the flight practices.

Drone by Drone, as a drone operator and pilot training company of RPAS, has trained the group of future pilots from the Employment Department of the City of Barakaldo. The final phase of the training, which has had an initial phase of theory, consists of flight field flight practices.

The future drone pilots are enjoying 15h of flight practices in our field of Islares, with enviable weather conditions and in a location that stands out for its beauty from the air.

At the end of the RPAS piloting course, the new pilots will have the theoretical and practical training needed to be a professional drone pilot in this sector that is growing, as a result of the news of the last days.

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