XIV Promotion of Drone Pilots formed by Drone by Drone

The XIV Promotion of RPAS pilots formed by Drone by Drone has completed its flight practices in a satisfactory manner. With the arrival of good weather, students enjoy RPAS practices in the field of flight.

New convocation of drone pilots formed by the Basque operator company in which the students and future drone pilots have studied the subject based on the provisions of the new RD 1036/2017.

Drone by Drone teaches drone piloting training officially, under AESA certification. As a result of the training work that the drone operating company has been carrying out, a new promotion of RPAS pilots already has its accreditations or official titles.

The course, as established by AESA, consists of 60 hours of theory to obtain the advanced RPAS piloting certificate of less than 25kg and another 20 hours of practical training.

Drone by Drone makes available to its students a large fleet of small devices, carrying out flight practices with the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. Also in the field of flights students can also fly with other models of DJI, such as the Mavic, the Phantom 4 or the small Spark or the new DJI Mavic Air. You can even make a flight with the DJI Goggles for 100% FPV piloting.

Enrollment for the next course corresponding to the May-June call is still open.

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