We return to Belchite, incredible ghost town

Drone by Drone has had the pleasure to return to a special place for the realization of aerial videos for an important foreign producer.

The old town of Belchite was the first work that Drone by Drone made for the Fourth Millennium within the section "The Flight", about two years ago. An enigmatic place, mysterious, full of energy, fruit of the intense combats that were lived in the town during the Civil War.

The Old Town of Belchite was completely destroyed due to the fighting, and today you can see the walls of the numerous houses that formed the town, under the watchful eye of the surviving structures of the two churches of the old town and the tower of the clock.

You can appreciate in this 3D made by Drone by Drone with photogrammetry techniques the digital reconstruction of the Old Town of Belchite.


We hope to return many more times.

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