Drone by Drone has participated in a simulation of maritime rescue by drones: ResQ system

Drone by Drone has participated in a simulation of maritime rescue by drones organized by Civil Protection, Red Cross, DYA and the City of Zarautz.

The ResQ system, ideal for rescue work on beaches, is composed of an application that controls wristbands in the possession of bathers who are activated in any emergency, by automatically taking off a drone equipped with a lifeguard that immediately goes to the location where the bather is in trouble and throws the float. At the same time, the wristband sends an emergency warning to the lifeguard and rescue services of the beach, which go to the place where the drone is in stationary flight to locate the bathers in distress, and thus be able to evacuate them to land and to their health care

The simulation, in which the ResQ system has been tested, has been carried out based on two events:

- Activation of the bracelet by bathers in distress.

- Warning of unconscious swimmer afloat, where the drone immediately arrives to mark the position to the rescue services and thus coordinate their evacuation with real-time vision from the air.

During the performance of the drills, it has been shown that the drone is an ideal complement for rescue services, providing an invaluable help for locating bathers in distress and allowing the immediate launch of a float as a first measure until the arrival of the drone. emergency services.

The drone, has been shown even faster than the jet skis to reach the place of emergency, allowing you to gain valuable seconds.

Our thanks to the City of Zarautz, Civil Protection, Red Cross and DYA for allowing us to participate in a simulation of these characteristics.


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