Drone by Drone at the BIEMH with solutions for the industry 4.0

Drone by Drone has participated in the Machine Tool Biennial, at the Bilbao Exhibition Center last week.

Once this edition of the BIEMH has finished, the general feeling has been very positive, being able to show to multiple clients the solutions offered by Drone by Drone for Industry 4.0, using the drone tool.

The presence of the drone operating company in pavilion nº4 focused on the Creative and Digital Industry, BeDigital, has captured the attention of the media. Through the Drone by Drone booth, Radio Euskadi and ETB have also come together with interested persons from all over the world to carry out interviews that were published on radio and television respectively.

Our solutions for digital transformation are linked to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, in which the drone tool has a lot to say. The application on an industrial scale of automated systems in production processes, the appearance of cyber-physical systems and the interconnection of productive units, managing to create digital production networks, allow to accelerate production and use resources more efficiently.

Drone by Drone has presented the drone as a tool for Industry 4.0 with infinite possibilities of automation and integration in the most demanding environments, being able to carry out tasks of digitization, generation of automated audiovisual content, realization of logistic processes, structural revisions, thermographic reviews, etc.

Drones equipped with important artificial vision algorithms, which will allow the guidance of them in industrial environments, will be a complementary tool for the generation of virtual and augmented reality, so useful to save costs in different areas.

In addition to our presence throughout the week, the organizers have allowed us to expose the possibilities of our tool in a pitch.

Our thanks to Bizkaia Emprende de BEAZ (DFB) for allowing us to have a presence in such a productive event.

You can see the interview published in the informative services of EiTB in the following links:

ETB1 (min19): http://www.eitb.tv/es/video/gaur-egun-ge-eguerdia/4104830875001/139703/20180529/

ETB2 (min24): http://www.eitb.tv/es/video/gaur-egun-ge-eguerdia/4104830875001/139703/20180529/

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