Rescue system using drones in ETB: ResQ System by Drone by Drone

EiTB's information services have published during this weekend news about the resQ rescue system using drones.

Both the Gaur Egun of ETB1 and the Teleberri of ETB2 have broadcast this weekend, coinciding that this has been one of the first weekends in which it has been possible to enjoy the beach, a small report on the resQ system.

On the occasion of the system tests that are being carried out by Drone by Drone in different beaches of Biscay and Gipuzkoa, as well as drills in which the drone operating company has participated, ETB has announced the rescue ResQ system through drones.

The system, composed of an application of control, drones and bracelets, can operate fully automatic, so it becomes a complementary service to the rescue and life saving tasks that the organisms have been providing on our beaches.

You can view both reports on the following links:

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