Drone Pilot Course in Bilbao. Next call September 2018

The next drone driving course that Drone by Drone officially teaches begins on September 10, 2018.

The pilots of RPAS or drones, a profession currently in demand, will become the professionals that handle the most technologically advanced tools in the future for multiple jobs in numerous professional sectors. Undoubtedly worth of drones in multiple sectors and are still to discover new uses of them applied to many everyday tasks. With the entry into force of the new law, RD 1036/2017 last December, the uses of these tools will be gradually extended to scenarios not allowed until now.

The drone pilot course, focused on obtaining the official AESA certificates, both theoretical and practical (theoretical-practical), is blended, allowing the student to combine it with a professional activity simultaneously.

The RPAS pilot course has theoretical and practical face-to-face classes, as well as flight practices in our exclusive Zeberio and Islares flight fields, being able to enjoy facilities in accordance with current legislation and for the exclusive use of Drone by students. Drone

Do not miss the opportunity to sign up and enjoy a quality education, from the hand of contrasted professionals in the world of drones.

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