Showreel DronebyDrone 2018, sample of work by drones last year

This is the showreel of Drone By Drone of the year 2018, a video mounted with part of the work done by drones during the past year.

Recordings made with drones in different parts of Spain for multiple clients and throughout the year by the operating company authorized by AESA.

The clip shows the different places with a slow musical composition, and with the seasonal changes, from the harshest winter to autumn, going through the colorful spring and the sunny summer. Mount, beach, mist, sand, sea, sun, crystals ... are textures and tonalities that are present in this reel.

Places like Las Bardenas Reales, Bolonia Beach, Urdaibai, Timanfaya, Gorbea, Urkiola, Belchite, Seville, Guggenheim Bilbao ... all of them collected in this video.

The shots have been made with different drones, from Mavic to Inspire.

We hope you enjoy.

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