Drone by Drone with Innovation and Creativity for the new Industry

Drone by Drone participates in the conference "Innovation and Creativity for the New Industry" organized by EIKEN and Tecnalia aimed at companies in the Creative and Cultural Industries sector.

The objective of the day is to know the opportunities for collaboration in the field of innovation and industry 4.0 by exposing success stories counted first-hand by companies. The drone operating company of Euskadi will present its Drone AR project, jointly with Tecnalia jointly for the development of an Android app with which to show content in Augmented Reality from the POV by means of a drone in the air in real time (T / R) .


The support mechanism that companies have to adequately address the projects will be explained.

The day will be held on February 7 from 10am. To attend, just send an email to ablanco@eikencluster.com

We wait for you.

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