MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED: BELCHITE, Drone by Drone for Science Channel

Drone by Drone made a drone recording last year with an international production company in Pueblo Viejo de Belchite for the Science Channel television channel.

The chapter of Belchite belongs to the series of documentaries called 'Mysteries of the Abandoned' or 'Mysteries of the abandoned' of the Science Channel, for which the drone operating company has been responsible for the aerial shots.

This series of documentaries from the Science Channel of Discovery Channel focuses on those structures, cities or engineering works abandoned for different reasons, investigating the causes of their oblivion and discovering to the spectator disturbing places not visited in a long time.

The chapter corresponding to Belchite Viejo, a town completely destroyed in the Civil War and which can now be visited, is part of the second season of the documentary series.

You can see the summary in the following link:

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