We shoot the ARGGONAUTS team, finalists of the SHELL XPRIZE championship

Last year we made a spectacular drone recording for SPIEGEL TV and the ARTE German channel, in which the protagonists were the members of the ARGGONAUTS team and its latest technology devices.

The German network has aired a documentary entitled 'Drones are the future: the seabed will be mapped using cutting-edge technology' focused on the small submarines that this team participates in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition sponsored by SHELL, awarded with up to seven millions of dollars.

Arggonauts has designed and manufactured several autonomous submarines that are directed from autonomous catamaran type boats, to get to map the seabed by means of powerful sonar and high technology equipment. The challenges for the XPRIZE finalists are the following:

- Launch a ship without human intervention.
- Explore an area at depths of 2000 and 4000 meters in a certain time.
- Produce a high resolution bathymetric map.
- Capture images of a specific submarine object.
- Identify archaeological, biological or geological features.
- Track a chemical or biological signal to its source (additional prize).

The documentary broadcast by the German channel ARTE was broadcast last December with aerial shots contributed by Drone by Drone.

You can consult the Arggonauts team page and the Xprize competition, in the following links:

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