RTK drone surveying work, precision and assured reliability

Drone by Drone is carrying out topographic survey work using drones, achieving centimeter precision over large tracts of land thanks to the RPAS technology with RTK (Real Time Kinetics).

The yields obtained by the use of drones in the field of topography are far superior to traditional means, since with a fixed-wing drone or multicopter, large tracts of land can be monitored by means of photogrammetric techniques.

The photogrammetry allows the construction of digital terrain models, with very good precisions if control points are used on the terrain or drones equipped with RTK.

The drone operating company based in Bilbao performs work for administrations, universities, engineering companies or construction companies in different areas such as civil works, geology or archeology, among others.

The drone or RPA has become a very useful tool in all these sectors, since it optimizes data acquisition processes against traditional techniques, allowing cheaper costs and faster execution of them. Likewise, the digital models of the terrain allow the experts a detailed study of large areas quickly and without the need to travel to the place of study. The import of these models to specialized 3D or BIM software, such as Civil 3D or Revit, allows a very accurate and complete exploitation of the data. All an advantage.

Drone by Drone performs this type of work in coordination between our fleet of drones, whether they are multicopters or fixed-wing drones and the most sophisticated traditional means, such as total stations or differential GPS, together with the new RTK instruments to provide them with a infallible precision in any circumstance.

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