Drone by Drone teaches BIM training course at the Association of Civil Engineers of the Basque Country

Drone by Drone has participated in the teaching of part of the BIM Modular Training course for technical construction profiles offered by the Association of Civil Engineers of Roads, Canals and Ports of the Basque Country.

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology is increasingly necessary due to its growing incorporation in processes related to construction of any kind, from civil works to buildings or industrial works. Drone by Drone has been responsible for the delivery of a day of the course, along with Tecnalia staff with the objective of knowledge of the tools available in the market for the digitization of surveying work and the capture of point clouds.

It is precisely in the capture of point clouds by photogrammetry techniques, where the drone operating company has shown its know-how. With the introduction of the photogrammetry technique, it has been possible to visualize point clouds obtained through drones of specific examples and success cases in which Drone by Drone has participated.

Drones as aerial data collectors are a complementary tool to traditional topographic techniques or even to laser stations, allowing the generation of clouds of very large extension points or areas of difficult access.

With the digitization of the terrain point cloud, the BIM or modeling methodology is given, which allows an important and interesting exploitation of the data to generate other useful deliverables for the different technicians or physicians.

A very positive experience for Drone by Drone, which we must thank Tecnalia and the College of Road Engineers of Euskadi.

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