Precision agriculture work using drones in fruit trees

Drone by Drone performs work using precision agriculture drones to optimize irrigation, the application of phytosanitary and harvest.

In the case of working on fruit trees, one of the most useful indexes is the PRI index, which allows us to know the water stress of plants.

The correct use of the PRI index requires modeling at the leaf and cover level those parameters that have a great influence on reflectance, so the work done uses a methodology based on radiative transfer models that simulate the "theoretical PRI" to determine its value in the absence of stress. The measurements have been made in fruit trees evaluating the different irrigation treatments carried out.

The multispectral images are of a high value for the optimization of the water resources of the exploitation. In addition, they allow to see through the anti-hail or anti-bird nets, so the affection on the crops is zero.

The Sensefly eBee Ag drone equipped with multispectral cameras like the Parrot Sequoia is a perfect tool for this type of work.

The drone operator of Bilbao continues to work in precision agriculture throughout the Spanish geography.

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