Drone by Drone at BeDigital at BEC, interviewed by Onda Vasca

Drone by Drone participates in the BeDigital fair, a meeting point between the facilitators of the digitalization tools and the industrial user companies and potential users of these tools, such as drones.

From June 4 to 6, seven fairs around the Industry converge in time and space. Pavilions 1, 3 and 5 of the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) host what has been defined as "the largest platform of advanced industry in Europe". The participation of about 1,300 firms, from 35 countries, joins the drone operating company of Bilbao, presenting its developments and advances in industrial inspection by drones.

Attendees and visitors of our stand, located in the premises of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, have been able to see and see first-hand the digital applications of drones in Industry 4.0, with the presence of a small drone with a thermal camera, with multitude of applications in this field. Revisions in electricity distribution networks, photovoltaic fields, furnaces, chimneys, energy transformation center, production centers, are part of the work that Drone by Drone performs using drones.

The drone operator of Bilbao makes available to attendees its knowledge and offer in industrial applications using drones, an indispensable tool for digitization and industry 4.0. Along with drones, virtual and augmented reality, integrated manufacturing systems, Big Data, cloud services or the IoT, are the realities in which the digital transformation of the industry is consolidated.

You can listen to the interview made by Onda Vasca in the following link:

Tomorrow we will publish a small timelapse of our stand throughout the three days.

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