Drone by Drone from boat, flying and escaping from the heat

We managed to escape from the heat thanks to the work we do at sea, since Drone by Drone performs work by drones on the high seas, from boat or floating platform for aerial recordings or technical works.

The possibilities of recording in the open sea are very broad, being able to obtain impressive aerial shots.

Offshore operations have their particularities, with respect to drone operations from the ground. The marine surface is practically flat, except for the possible waves that form, so there are hardly any obstacles that hinder the operation. You will have to fly with caution for the possible presence of boats and their masts.

When operating from a boat, special attention must be paid to take-off and landing operations, since space is usually limited. The worst thing that can happen is that the RPAS rushes to the sea surface, so precautions must be redoubled when piloting.

The sea is a hostile environment for any electronic component, so it will be necessary to carry out the appropriate checks and maintenance due to the presence of salinity and extreme weather conditions.

In addition, the crew and pilots will also suffer the rigors of nautical operations, so it is recommended that you have experience in this environment.

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