Drone for recreational use and fixed wing training, the Parrot Disco

During the summer we continue to accumulate flight hours thanks to our drones for training, training or even entertainment.

As we already have almost three years ago in the linked video (at the end of the article), the Parrot Disco is an ideal drone to have fun and continue training our notions of piloting.

The Parrot Disco is a fixed-wing or airplane-type drone, designed for recreational use. Your flight controller has automatisms that make it easier to fly than a radio-controlled model aircraft, but it is no less fun or enriching.

A fast and agile model to enjoy while piloting is practiced, in which the guard cannot be lowered at any time and in which the selection of the landing zone is crucial. We recommend flying it in very open areas and with few obstacles since its speed can play bad passes.

A pity that the French manufacturer Parrot has recently decided to abandon the commercialization of recreational drones, with the exception of Parrot Anafi and its derivatives. A decision similar to that made by GoPro with its Karma previously, and that leaves DJI free in this drone mode.

You can see the conclusions we drew three years ago and that are still valid today.


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