Drones for intertidal archeology: Summer Course of the University of the Basque Country

Drone by Drone has participated in the teaching of the Summer Course of the University of the Basque Country entitled: 'Inter-tidal archeology. Discovering what the hidden tide '.

The day has taken place at the Maritime Museum of Bilbao in which Drone by Drone has collaborated with the marine archaeologist and professor of the conference, José Manuel Matés Luque de Arqueocean.

One of the sections of the course has mentioned the use of drones as an essential tool for archeology in general and intertidal in particular. With the aim of revaluing a natural environment with great archeological potential and historical knowledge, the drone operator of Bilbao has made an exhibition with clear examples of the use of drones in our coast.

An entertaining talk about the virtues and limitations of the use of drones in the archeology sector in the coastal zone with the sample of relevant works.

The conclusion of the day has been that archeology is a sector in which drones have much to contribute.

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