Drone by Drone for France 2 TV and CFRT in 'Le Jour du Seigneur'

Drone by Drone has made the aerial recordings of the program 'Le Jour du Seigneur' for the French television France 2 produced by CFRT (Radio-Télévision Français Committee).

The drone recordings have been made in the incomparable framework of Roncesvalles and his impressive collegiate church of Santa Maria de Orreaga, to illustrate on French television the retransmission of the mass of September 15, in a special program dedicated to the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago.

During the pre-mass broadcast, the French presenter David Milliat, intends to show the stage of the road that reaches Roncesvalles. The program interviews Bertrand Saint-Macary, president of the friends of Saint-Jacques, Assunta Recarte, local guide, who explains the incredible history of this place, where the history of the pilgrimage and the history of wars are mixed, present in myth of the song of Roland.

A whole television experience in which our drones have participated in the recordings made in the Spanish part of the Camino de Santiago.

You can see the complete program in the following link:

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