Drone by Drone on Radio Euskadi with Alex Txikon: Past, present and future of drones

Drone by Drone has participated in the radio program of Radio Euskadi, the Boulevard, thanks to the invitation of mountaineer Alex Txikon.

For half an hour, our Technical Director, Alex Txikon and the presenter Dani Álvarez, talk about the actuality of the drones, their legislation, their past, present and future. During the talk, the Drone by Drone team has been flying their smaller teams, but not for that reason, not very technological, in an area enabled for this within the EiTB facilities in Bilbao.

An interesting conversation in which different uses and services offered by the Bilbao drone operating company have been developed. Among them, the ResQ system and Osasun Drone stand out. In addition, we have been able to analyze possible uses of drones in high mountains, something that we will surely realize in our next collaborations with Alex Txikon and with the lines of work that we have defined.

You can enjoy the podcast in the following link, after 2 hours 5 minutes.


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