Finished the harvest of Txakoli Txabarri, conclusions of the season by drones

Once the harvest of Txakoli Txabarri, we are ready to analyze the results thrown by our drones during the follow-up of the annual campaign.

Drone by Drone has been monitoring the crops of the Txabarri vineyards by means of drones, carrying out important data collection work in fundamental stages of the vineyard.

During this campaign, which has been highlighted by an important drought in the final phase of the harvest, close to the harvest, the use of the resources available to the farmer in a rational and ecological way has been key. Performing a detailed study and detecting the most needy areas of each plot, you can save on resources and make a selective application.

In addition, with a view to the harvest, a zoning is carried out for the selective collection of the grapes, depending on their degree of ripening by zones, being able to harvest the crop in the best possible conditions. All this resulting in cost savings and an improvement in overall crop quality.

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