Drone by Drone for Volvo Car Spain with Axi Muniain

Drone by Drone has participated in the recording of a series of aerial videos for Volvo Car Spain on the Basque coast.

With the participation of Axi Muniain as ambassador of the sea and respect for him, fourth short videos have been produced on YouTube in which the indescribable sensations caused by the sea are discussed.

Under the motto #VolvingAlMar, we talk about respect, trust, life, abuse or forgiveness that our main lung and source of resources on the planet should raise. The alarm is echoed by the pollution of the seas by the presence of plastics, and our collective responsibility.

The videos have been recorded in Zarautz, Lemoitz and in the Geoparke of the Flysch of Zumaia.

You can watch the videos on the Volvo Car Spain channel:

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