Drone by Drone at Homo Curiosus organized by 'Odisea' and 'Muy Interesante'

Drone by Drone has participated in the 'Homo Curiosus' event held this past weekend at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.

A first edition of this informative day that has awakened the senses of the most curious and have come to explore the paths of science and technology. 'Homo Curiosus' is an original idea of ​​the television channel Odyssey and the magazine Very Interesting, which has had the support of the BBK Foundation, Bilbao City Council, Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Orange.

The Euskalduna Palace has become a great laboratory for experimentation and scientific and technological dissemination. Attendees have been able to immerse themselves in curious immersive experiences, from directing drones or tasting the food of the future, seeing the universe through a planetarium or diving into the sea floor with virtual reality.

The drone operator company in Bilbao has been in charge of making the little ones (and not so small) enjoy a drone piloting experience along an obstacle course. In addition, in the face of scientific dissemination of the use of drones in different sectors, Drone by Drone has shown in the event Innovation projects such as the ResQ system and Osasun Drone.

In addition, we have shown the public how you see yourself through a thermal camera mounted on a drone in real time. Even the Man in Black himself has proved not to be ice ...

The day has been completed with 20 presentations by leading experts in science and technology.

A success.

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