Thermographic inspections using drones in homes and insdustry

Drone by Drone performs thermographic inspections using drones in homes and industrial centers.

By combining drones and thermal imaging cameras, the RPAS operating company in Bilbao offers inspection services in homes or industrial centers. Thanks to the heat detected by this type of cameras, in contrast to the environment or the different parts of the facades and enclosures, we are able to evaluate the areas of greatest energy loss in the building, being able to propose measures for energy saving and the achievement of greater efficiency.

In the attached aerial photo you can see perfectly the heat loss zones, in a simple color scale with temperature indication at each point of the photo, thanks to the radiometric cameras.

To perform the work of thermography using drones, Drone by Drone has the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Matrice 600 models, both capable of mounting the FLIR XT radiometric thermal imaging camera or the smaller DJI Mavic 2 Entreprise Dual.

The use of this technology is fundamental in works controls, technical inspections of buildings and revisions of building roofs, preventive maintenance, evaluations of open pit mines, inspections of pipelines, dams and bridges, inspections of power plants, Inspection of solar gardens and wind farms, search and rescue operations, surveillance ...

The use of drones and thermal imaging cameras has more and more possibilities.

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