We collaborate with the CanSat and NETHUNS EOLO projects of La Salle School

Drone by Drone collaborates with the innovative projects of the students of the La Salle school in Bilbao.

The CAN SAT project (@arkhesat) is a satellite launched from a rocket and deposited in ultra-low orbit at 1km high, whose primary mission is the collection of meteorological data and with the secondary mission of capturing data to assess the habitability of a possible planet unexplored. In a short time we will begin with the flight tests in our drones to test the nanosatellite in open space.

The NETHUNS - EOLO project is an artifact based on the Peltier effect to get water from the environment by condensing atmospheric moisture.

Both projects are very advanced and we wish them the best in the development of the contests to which they will be presented, since the degree of innovation that each one contains is surprising for students of their age.

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