Vultures over Bilbao near Loiu Airport

We propose a challenge: Are you able to see at a glance in the image that accompanies this news a large bird in flight, below our aircraft?

Indeed, it is a vulture, a large bird, flying in the immediate vicinity of Loiu Airport. In recent times it is common to see them flying over our skies, and they are even visible from the center of Bilbao itself.

They should not present any problem, except for manned aviation that uses the Bilbao airport infrastructure. Both for general aviation (light aircraft and helicopters) and for commercial aviation, these large birds pose a serious danger to their flight safety.

Since this drone operating company carries out aerial photography work from manned aircraft, we see with great concern the escalation of these types of encounters in the air, since the consequences could be fatal.

The incidents of a few weeks ago in Barajas with the alleged flight of drones in the immediate vicinity of the Airport, have put the eye of public opinion in the drone sector and the illegalities that are commented by the flight of the same in areas where it is prohibited. Obviously, the law is to comply with it, and drones must be flown in a responsible manner in the areas allowed for it. But we must not ignore the danger posed by the increasingly frequent presence of vultures on our airspace (which on the other hand, more than ours, is theirs by nature).

A fact that the aviators, among which we are, we must take into account.

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