Thermographic inspections by drones in industry

During these weeks, Drone by Drone is taking advantage of drone-applied thermography work. One of the most representative works in this field is inspections in production plants and industrial warehouses, which still maintain work performance and therefore their energy productions, both for their energy distribution and storage systems and their own enclosures.

Thanks to the temperature variation that exists between different areas of the same walls, it is possible to identify construction defects in the roofs and cladding of industrial buildings, as well as an analysis of the preventive maintenance of these elements.

The possibility of flying over the building or study facility allows the acquisition of valuable aerial data, especially when it comes to thermal data obtained by means of thermal imaging cameras.

Installations or elements for energy production, storage or high consumption are also analyzed from the air using drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras. The drone operating company carries out numerous works in this area in order to optimize the performance of this high-consumption equipment, allowing a detailed study of its installation location and subsequent maintenance to detect overheating, loss of insulation in the pipes. or friction of the moving elements. The application of this type of aerial tools allows proper maintenance to this type of facility.

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