Drone by Drone working for Masterchef de TVE in Bermeo, Bizkaia

Drone by Drone has made the aerial shoots for Masterchef television program that took place in Bermeo, broadcast last Monday, May 11.

The Masterchef outdoor test was recorded by drones through the Bilbao RPAS operating company in Bermeo, a town nestled on the Basque coast and with an extensive fishing and marine tradition, as can be seen in the aerial shots of the large port from Bizkaia. Furthermore, Bermeo is located between enclaves such as the Izaro Island, the Matxitxako Lighthouse or the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, perfectly represented by the aerial plans.

Masterchef is a program that is characterized by the quality of the shots they take, and by the high professionalism of the team. Our shots of the environment, the judges and the applicants more than met the quality standards and were seen during the broadcast of the program.

In the following link you can see the complete program, in which the shots of Drone by Drone take center stage when the outdoor test begins and during any of the cuts.


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