We participate in virtual drone debate by AEDRON and LLEIDADRONE

We have had the pleasure of participating in the virtual debate organized by AEDRON and LLEIDADRONE regarding the professional use of drones during the pandemic and its future.

Drone by Drone has participated together with other Spanish RPAS operators and experts in the field, in the online debate organized by the Spanish Association of Drones and Allies and by the LleidaDrone Association.

The debate focused on legal aspects of professional drone flight during the state of alarm in which we find ourselves, in addition to future aspects that will have to be taken into account with the entry into force of European regulations. In addition, each participant has contributed their vision of how they are working during this crisis and of the solutions that will be needed in the drone sector in order to grow in the next two years.

It has been a pleasure to share experiences with all the fans and professionals connected to the debate broadcast via YouTube and Facebook live. We have shared a virtual table with Salvador Bellver from AEDRON, Andreu Ibañez and Marlon from LLEIDADRONE, David Matanzas from AIRK, Víctor Saiz from DYSA drones, Eduard Ruiz-Olivares from AEROFORT, Antonio Sousa, Pedro Vicente Arribas from ARRIBAS drones, Ernest Tuckie from Droning You and Arturo García Almendros from RITRAC TRAINING (partner of Drone by Drone in RITRAC INTERNATIONAL).

You can see the debate in the following link provided by Lleida Drone:

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