XXI Promotion of RPAS Pilots formed by Drone by Drone

Drone by Drone has completed the teaching of the drone piloting course for the call corresponding to May-June 2020.

The XXI promotion of RPAS pilots trained by Drone by Drone has successfully passed the theoretical course and the practical course (theoretical - practical).

The student pilots have been able to enjoy very favorable weather conditions, being able to finish the practical phase in the Dima airfield.

The complete course for obtaining the theoretical certificate and the practical certificate has been successfully carried out despite the Covid Pandemic19, since the face-to-face phase has coincided with de-escalation and the distancing and protection measures have been carried out according to regulations. During the practical phase, on the flight field, the students have been able to enjoy the outdoors and some beautiful flights. We have even dared to make a short video with the images captured by the students. You can see it at the following link:

The Bilbao drone operating company continues to train future professional RPAS pilots. The next course will take place in the September-October 2020 call, at the turn of summer.

You can check the schedule of classes at the following link:


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