Precision agriculture works using drones - water stress and irrigation

Drone by Drone performs precision agriculture work to optimize irrigation and harvesting, in crops or fruit trees.

the capture of aerial data by high-value drones, either by multispectral cameras or by radiometric thermographic cameras, allows the study of the terrain, in terms of optimizing its humidity and the water stress of the crops.

Through the use of agronomic indices, such as the PRI, and the comparison with heat maps, it allows the determination of the crop's water stress and the improvement of irrigation systems, both in design and in resource expenditure. A good as scarce as water must be invested with maximum performance.

The correct use of the PRI index requires modeling at the sheet and cover level those parameters that have great influence on reflectance, so the work carried out applies a methodology based on radiative transfer models that simulate the "theoretical PRI" to determine its value. in the absence of stress. The measurements have been carried out on fruit trees evaluating the different irrigation treatments carried out. Multispectral images are of high value for optimizing the farm's water resources.

The combination of fixed-wing drones, such as the Sensefly eBee (like the one shown in the image) or multi-copter drones, allows the flight of technical and specialized cameras, providing valuable data.

We continue working this summer on precision agriculture, with renewed energy and with our entire RPAS fleet, at full capacity.

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