Drone by Drone on Radio Bilbao, Cadena SER, with the INVAR Arena system

Drone by Drone has been interviewed by Radio Bilbao - Cadena SER - for the launch of the INVAR Arena system to measure capacity on beaches and bathing areas to monitor distance measurements during the new normality.

The drone operator of the Basque Country, together with INVAR Engineering and Artificial Vision, have developed a system that combines the use of drones and Intelligence and Artificial Vision, a modern and state-of-the-art surveillance system of drone gauging that could work during the summer on our beaches, to effectively control that there are no crowds and thus avoid dangers. It is a system barely tested in Spain and never used in the Basque Country that now needs institutional support to get going. In addition, this drone can act as a "lifeguard" if necessary, since it will be equipped with a float that will serve to assist people at risk of drowning detected by the camera.

You can listen to the interview at the following link and view a test video of the system.


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