Precision agriculture using drones RTK Matrice 210

Drone by Drone continues this summer conducting specialized operations using drones in precision agriculture.

Due to the high precision and resolution required by our clients, RPA and cameras to capture aerial data have become especially important, having to use top-of-the-line solutions.

On the one hand, the required precision is requiring flight by RTK drones, with support base and control points on the ground.

In addition, the required resolution must be maximum, since it is an important factor depending on which crops are being flown. To do this, we have equipped ourselves with high-resolution cameras and wide-format sensors, both in visible spectrum (RGB) and in multispectral format.

Some jobs that require such precision and resolution must be carried out by the qualified personnel of the drone operating company, in order to satisfy the highest demands of our clients. The development of strict work procedures and their monitoring through checklists is essential when so many parameters and settings must be controlled, so we continue to work with the utmost professionalism and offer our clients the best solutions.

We keep moving forward.

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