Monitoring plant vigor with drones in Txakoli Txabarri

Drone by Drone continues to carry out precision agriculture work for the Txakoli Txabarri winery, from Bizkaiko Txakolina.

During these last weeks, and prior to the harvest, we are monitoring the vigor of the vine plantations that the Txabarri winery owns in different environments of the Encartaciones or Enkarterri.

Through the analysis of the vegetal vigor of the vines, control zoning can be determined to carry out modifications or specific corrective actions. The reflectance map of the NDVI index (shown in the photograph) and obtained through multispectral cameras mounted on our drones, allows us to reflect the productive performance of each plot and the differences between areas of the same. A very useful tool, without a doubt, to identify the areas most in need, and implement corrective actions.

We recall that Txakoli Txabarri was awarded the Food Innovation Award for the process of using drones in txakoli, through the use of techniques such as the one described. An innovation in the agricultural sector, which must not stop evolving and which campaign by campaign we are improving together.

The photograph shows the NDVI index, with a very illustrative color scale. The areas with green color have greater vigor, while the yellowish or reddish areas have less vigor, as indicated in the added scale.

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