Innovacion en infraestructuras viarias mediante drones en Bizkaia

The regional deputy for Infrastructures and Territorial Development, Imanol Pradales, has presented the innovation projects in road infrastructures that will be developed in the regional road network, among which the use of drones stands out.

The DroneSaat project that Euskontrol will develop, and in which Drone by Drone participates, opens the use of drones and cameras with license plate recognition to improving the management of road infrastructures, as explained by Francisco Javier Saura, technical director of the draft. Through the use of these new technologies and artificial intelligence and vision algorithms, it obtains and is capable of processing a large amount of information. In this way, records of origin-destination matrices of traffic, real travel times and other variables are obtained, generating patterns and models of predictive and control systems. This project has an execution period of 18 months and the Provincial Council subsidizes it with 29,314 euros. It will require flying with drones and taking data with license plate recognition cameras.

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