Special edition Txakoli Txabarri - Drone by Drone

The Biscayan winery Txakoli Txabarri has bottled a special edition of its precious wine denomination of origin Bizkaiko Txakolina dedicated to precision agriculture work using drones that it has been carrying out with the RPAS Drone by Drone operating company since 2015.

Made with the best selection of the Enkarterri vineyards (Las Encartaciones), this wine has been internationally awarded with four Silver Bacchus and one Gold Bacchus in this latest edition. In addition to numerous additional recognitions, Txakoli Txabarri won the BTEM Award for Food Innovation for the introduction and use of drones on its farms, through which Drone by Drone has been continuously monitoring the vineyards for several years.

Thanks to the use of drones and the obtaining of multispectral photographs, after preparing the reflectance maps, the Txakoli Txabarri winery controls the vigor of its vineyards for an optimization of its cultivation and harvest.

This is how the labels designed for this purpose collect it. The front part shows a characteristic image of the Avellaneda vineyards, as if they were seen from a drone and with the variability of colors that the vines offer. On the back, a summary of the particularity of this wine is shown, as well as the Drone by Drone logo and a QR code to access the video made on the occasion of the BTEM award for Food Innovation:

It is a pleasure to be able to participate in this special edition of a spectacular txakoli, which we invite you to taste.

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