We flew into the Basque Museum in Bilbao, testing new applications

Drone by Drone continues to test new alternatives to using drones and recording indoors.

In this case, the drone operating company of the Basque Country has carried out flight tests in the cloister of the Basque Museum in Bilbao. The tests carried out using RPAS or drones are aimed at offering a comprehensive recording service, both in open and closed places, making the drone a very versatile tool.

Under the watchful eye of Mikeldi, the sandstone sculpture representing a pig or a bull that incorporates a disk between its legs, our drones have made flights around the cloister, testing the different flight stabilization systems and sensors that our aircraft. All a display of technology, opposed to the sculpture dating from the Second Iron Age between the 4th and 2nd centuries BC. C. (pending confirmation).

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