Next expedition Alex Txikon - Manaslu with the support of Drone by Drone

Manaslu EKI will be a challenge with a marked humanitarian and solidarity value, as well as sustainable. The very name of the expedition refers to the EKI Foundation, with whom Txikon has collaborated for years. An entity that focuses all its efforts on supplying autonomous electrical energy sources (mainly photovoltaic solar) to educational, health, and social interest centers in developing countries.

Drone by Drone drones are made available for these tasks, having as an objective, in addition to audiovisual recording, outstanding participation in different tasks of investigation of the terrain, water or meteorology. A great challenge for drones as a technological tool in places as demanding as the winter Himalayas.

We will be telling news as Alex Txikon's expedition reaches its objectives and with the desire to see them back after the adventure.

You can see the press conference and the details in the following Youtube link:

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