Drone by Drone interviewed by Informativos ETB

The Technical Director of Drone by Drone has been interviewed this weekend by ETB's information services about the use of drones and their professional applications during snowstorms.

The news of the regional chain on Friday afternoon opened with aerial images from Drone by Drone.

In addition, in an interview broadcast in the ETB1 and ETB2 newscasts, both in Basque and in Spanish, the importance of using drones or UAS as a professional tool, not only associated with recreational recordings, has been highlighted.

The mountains of our area, covered with snow, offer a spectacular view from the air. But despite the beauty shown, they also pose risks to people or infrastructure. That is why drones have become a very important tool for carrying out search and tracking tasks for missing persons, inspection of elevated structures or monitoring slopes and landslides.

The drone operating company of Bizkaia has started the year carrying out flights for the supervision and inspection of events associated with adverse meteorological phenomena, such as snow or heavy rains.

A beginning of the year, that we do not forget, in which we released European regulations, despite not being able to become fully applicable in Spain, mainly due to the lack of publication of the Royal Decree UAS that was expected. We will have to wait some time for these regulations to become fully applicable, especially with regard to flight in controlled airspace.

Let's not forget that we must continue to comply with the rules, even though the beauty of the landscape pushes us to fly in areas where we should not do so according to the legislation in force.

You can view the interview from minute 21 of the following link, in addition to the initial images:

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