Imminent attack on the Manaslu summit by Alex Txikon and Simone Moro

The expedition led by Alex Txikon and Simone Moro advances towards the summit of Manaslu, with the intention of taking advantage of the next window of good weather to undertake the final attack.

These were decisive moments for the mountaineers, who are already in an improvised Camp 2 (C2 low) after the snowfall of the last hours as they were unable to reach Camp 2 that they had equipped.

Today the group from Txikon had the objective of covering the section that separates C1 (5,800 meters, approximately) from C2, but the snow has made their ascent very difficult. They have advanced very slowly (for many meters the snow exceeded their hips) but taking safe steps. Thus, after assessing it, they have decided to install themselves a little lower than they had planned. They were very tired due to the effort made and, taking into account that tomorrow's section is shorter (the one that separates C2 from C3), they have chosen to stop earlier and recover meters during the day tomorrow. In addition, the weather seems to be favorable.

The team, waiting for Simone Moro, who will join them in the next few hours, rests and prepares for the final challenge to the top of Manaslu. It is expected that this coming Sunday there may be a probability of reaching the top of this colossus of more than 8,000m.

May our drones accompany you and push you in the decisive moments.

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