Alex Txikon does not give up on the winter Manaslu

Alex Txikon, with the support of Drone by Drone, does not give up its efforts to crown Manaslu this winter, despite the bad weather prevailing in the area.

The Basque mountaineer and his team have done an immense job, equipping the climbing route almost up to field 4, touching 7,000m, leaving them very little to carry out a successful summit attack. During these last two weeks the ManasluEKI team has made two attempts to attack the summit, but the bad weather conditions prevented progress in height.

With the near end of the winter season in the Himalayas, there is less and less time to reach the summit of the colossus of more than 8000 meters high, but surely that as soon as Alex Txikon's team has the opportunity, it will make a new summit attack. They are sure to take advantage of every last ounce of strength remaining and whatever window of good weather they may have.

From the comfort of our homes, we encourage the team to continue persevering, but without neglecting the prudence that until now, they are wisely maintaining. All our support in this colossal feat to the adventurers of the ManasluEKI expedition.

This is how this article from El Correo collects it in which we appear as supporters of Alex Txikon.

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