Alex Txikon's expedition to Manaslu ends with contribution from Drone by Drone

Alex Txikon's expedition to Manaslu undertaken with the intention of crowning the summit in winter, has concluded with the return of the entire Manaslu-EKI team to Bilbao, in which Drone by Drone has made an active contribution.

The team led by Alex Txikon is back. Thus ends an unforgettable adventure that started on December 31, 2020. The Manaslu-EKI expedition is concluded, leaving a “good taste in the mouth” to all and all its members. Although it is true that they have not managed to ascend to the top of Manaslu (8,163m), they have had it “very close”. Even so, they have fulfilled much more important objectives such as “that we all return home and that we have been able to contribute, with the help of the EKI Foundation, the Basque Energy Agency and the Iñaki Ochoa Foundation of Olza- SOS Himalaya, to the development of the local population of the Makalu region through the installation of two photovoltaic stations and the distribution of light bulbs that work with solar energy ”, Txikon pointed out.

The contribution of the drones to Alex Txikon's expedition has been based on the following lines of work:
- Recording of audiovisual material, both photographic and video.
- Measurement of meteo data in height by means of airborne sensors.
- 3D terrain modeling
- Elur Gaman device tests
- Use as a tool for analysis prior to the route to be carried out by climbers
- Support in emergencies

Thanks to the support of the Elur team, we have graphic testimony of the drone flight in winter Manaslu. Little by little we will give an account of the results of the flights, as we process the generated material.

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