New European regulations for U-Space of UAS

The European Commission has adopted a new regulation for the establishment of U-Space airspaces in which services such as parcels, air-taxi, autonomous flights can be provided or simply expect a large number of simultaneous UAS operations and operate together with manned aircraft.

The new regulation, in the form of the Implementing Regulation, will be applicable as of January 26, 2023 and presents new services for UAS (drones) as the next step towards safer, more efficient and complex operations in U-Space.

Implementing Regulation 2021/664 is approved with the need to define a minimum set of requirements for drone operations in certain geographical areas of UAS, which should be called U-Space airspace. The access of UAS operators to said U-Space airspace must be conditional on the use of certain services ("U-Space services") that allow the safe management of a large number of UAS operations, also respecting the applicable requirements. in terms of security and privacy, must be proportional to the nature and risk of the operations.

The new figure of the 'U-Space Service Provider' emerges, legal persons certified as U-Space service providers in accordance with Chapter V of the Regulation, who will provide their services in a safe, reliable, efficient, continuous and sustainable manner, in line with planned UAS operations and in accordance with the performance level established by Member States for U-Space airspace.

Among the services to be provided are:
- A network identification service that allows continuous processing of the remote identification of the UAS throughout the entire duration of the flight and provides remote identification of the UAS to authorized users in an aggregated way.
- A geo-consciousness service.
- A UAS flight authorization service for each individual flight, setting the terms and conditions of said flight.
- A traffic information service provided to the UAS operator that will contain information on any other perceptible air traffic that may be close to the position or planned flight path of the UAS.
- A meteorological information service.
- A compliance monitoring service that allows UAS operators to verify if they meet the established requirements and terms of the UAS flight authorization.

A great step that lays the foundations to establish how high-traffic airspaces should be formed with intelligent services, called U-Space, which will allow within not many years to achieve the mobility objectives of Smart Cities and the type of operations such as that are shown in the video that accompanies this news.

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