Alex Txikon in Sierra Leone supported by Drone by Drone

Drone by Drone supports Alex Txikon on his trip to Sierra Leone to collaborate with the EKI Foundation in the installation of photovoltaic panels in remote areas of the African country.

The Basque Himalayan has carried out drone flights in Sierra Leone to support the installation work of the photovoltaic panels, being able to capture technical photographs of them that will be analyzed by our technical department, as well as artistic photographs in a country of incredible beauty and contrast. . All the material recorded by Alex Txikon is sure to be of great value.

What we are most passionate about is being able to see children enjoying our aircrafts. As Alex himself has told us, the children are delighted with the flights and the demonstrations carried out for them.

A pleasure to be able to collaborate on a project with such a promising purpose for the development of Sierra Leone.

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