'Vigilant' drones to avoid traffic jams

The DEIA newspaper includes the official presentation of the DroneSaat system or automatic traffic gauging system, through which road infrastructures are managed using new technologies for taking traffic data based on drones, license plate recognition and artificial intelligence and vision algorithms. The movement of vehicles can be controlled one by one by monitoring them from the sky and from the ground at those specific points of the road network that generate the most congestion or on sections of roads several kilometers apart to determine where it comes from and where it is going. vehicle.

The Artaza roundabout has been one of the most complex points studied using the DroneSAAT system. Each vehicle that enters the frame is already identified with numbers that are the reference to follow depending on the needs of the Traffic technicians.

The technology companies Drone by Drone, a specialist in drones, INVAR, a specialist in Intelligence and Artificial Vision applied to engineering, and Euskontrol, a benchmark for quality control, monitoring and instrumentation of infrastructures, combine their capabilities to offer a comprehensive solution in management of infrastructures, combining traditional techniques and methodologies with new technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) systems, artificial vision and RPAS or drones.

The use of unmanned systems, such as drones, capable of taking images from the air, in combination with vision and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that process the registered information, allow the analysis of traffic of vehicles and people who transit on the roads, streets and public spaces.

The Drone SAAT system, which allows traffic monitoring, analyzing the intensity and level of service of each access, together with the delays and times, constitutes the basis of a traffic study that can be complemented with microsimulation models.

An illustrative video of the DroneSAAT system:

You can read the news in the DEIA newspaper at the following link:

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