Drone by Drone at UNVEX, Safety and Emergency UAS Flight Demonstrations

Drone by Drone has been present at UNVEX, the largest national event on security and emergency UAS held last week in Santiago de Compostela.

A delegation from the UAS operating company in Bizkaia traveled to the Rozas aerodrome to witness the flight demonstrations of the different flight systems that took part in the conference. With an ideal meteorology for the realization of the planned flights of the unmanned aircraft, we were able to enjoy the technical explanations of each of the systems and the flight demonstrations of the following systems:

- Gradiant's C-UAS System: A threat drone detection and interception system
- Fulmar from Wake Engineering - SISTEM: A high-performance UAS capable of carrying out various missions such as search and rescue, surveillance of illegal traffic, support for ground forces or intelligence missions, being a team of endowments of different armed forces in the world, with the use of advanced sensors.
- TARGUS by INDRA and Gaerum: Optionally piloted aircraft based on the Tecnam P2006T manned aircraft weighing 1.25 tons and 11 meters wingspan, which carried out flights and demonstrations at high altitude. The pass at a low altitude greeting the attendees, delighted the public.
- MANTIS by INDRA: advanced low-cost UAS for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions in short-range tactical operations, day or night, that require rapid deployment.
- VALAQ 120 from UAV WORKS: UAS VTOL for vertical take-off and landing, with an innovative transition system between take-off and cruise flight in fixed wing format. Its takeoff and landing, and its ease of flight, were impressive.
- AeroHyb Quad of Aerocameras: Hybrid UAS that carried out exhibitions of light load transport by means of sling.

A truly interesting flight day, where we were able to appreciate the technical innovations and state-of-the-art flight systems that are available to UAS and Security Forces operators that carry out surveillance, SAR, and emergency and protection tasks.

Special mention and thanks to the Aerum, Gaerum and INDRA team, who welcomed us in their hangar and showed us all the ins and outs of their systems, including the command and control post of the Targus. All this possible thanks to the support of our collaborator Alex Txikon, who enjoyed an unforgettable day with the Drone by Drone team.

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