Work using drones or UAS in Urdaibai, Basque Country

Drone by Drone has carried out aerial operations using drones or UAS in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, mainly for recordings focused on the tourism and television sector. With the end of summer, and with favorable weather conditions, we have had the opportunity to fly in such an emblematic place.

The Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve is a protected natural space, so for the flight of drones it is pertinent to have a flight permit issued by the competent administration, which may or may not evaluate the performance of the planned flights.

The beauty of the place, with the marshes, the sandy areas, the changing tides, the Izaro Island or the towns that host the shores of the estuary, such as Mundaka, is magnified by the impressive panoramic views obtained from a drone. In Urdaibai there are activities for the promotion of nature, sports, leisure and tourist activities, which constitute the reserve in a place of visual enjoyment.

Enjoy the views over Laida Beach at low tide, in this drone photo at sunset, with the port of Mundaka in the background.

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