National Congress associated UAV Enterprise Project - drones

Last Friday, September 24, the annual Congress of the UAV Enterprise Project association, to which Drone by Drone belongs, took place, with the presence of most of the companies and associated drone operators.

In a long day that took place in Madrid, considering itself as the epicenter of the national territory that includes all the members of the association, internal questions of the association were discussed, how could it be otherwise, in addition to maintaining deep reflections on the market and the world of drones in Spain, in all its aspects.

In addition, there were presentations of success stories by some associated companies, being able to verify the high technological level of the companies that make up UAV Enterprise Project. In addition, small trainings were carried out in data processing and flight planning tools. All this focused on getting the greatest possible expertise from all the members and offering our clients the best possible service.

All the partners present talked about the promising future projects that the association is facing, analyzing their own needs and proposing schedules and dates of execution for the first steps.

The day took place in different formats, from a formal meeting of the association's annual Assembly, to a meal in a work meeting format, in which the associates were able to comment on concerns and illusions, common to UAS operating companies.

Likewise, future meetings have been planned for the realization of flight days and aerial demonstrations by the associates, in more appropriate places for it.

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